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BREFs contain specific information prepared by the European Environment Agency on industrial processes and their impact on the environment.The EEA’s mandate is to help EU institutions and the governments of EU member states make informed decisions, integrate environmental considerations into economic policy and move towards sustainability.Binge-watching is the Collins Dictionary’s 2015 word of year.A about the announcement notes that binge is a Midlands word for a nineteenth-century method of rendering casks and tubs watertight by soaking them in water.“Birling in one’s grave” turns out to be the Scottish equivalent to the more common evocation of someone spinning or turning in the same cramped quarters.

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This is favorable for investors who have long positions since they want the futures price to rise.” Fascinated?

By extension, anyone who got sloshed was described as binging or going on a binge.

Alex Salmond sparked a controversy and my curiosity when he publicly suggested the late Labour MP Tony Benn must be “birling in his grave” in reaction to a pro-war speech delivered by his son in the British House of Commons.

On the heels of the Oxford Dictionary’s choice of a pictograph (the “face with tears of joy” emoji) as its 2015 word of the year, the Oxford University Press declared a symbol (the hashtag) as its “children’s word” of the year.

According Vineeta Gupta, head of children’s dictionaries at OUP, the humble hashtag, which was selected on the basis of an analysis of over 120,000 entries submitted to a , is being used by children for dramatic effect.


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