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Jeff is surprised to enjoy spending time with Pierce at an old-school barbershop, while Britta quits the whale effort and Annie is horrified when she realizes the lengths they're going to in order to reel in their target.Troy and Shirley enroll in a new "Physical Education Education" class where they are taught how to be P. teachers, where Shirley is a natural and Troy a complete failure, until they join forces to do a good turn for Chang.

Jeff reunites with his father and meets his half brother.It's my own answer to the question: "what happened in that week in between? Special thanks to bethanyactually for being my beta, you are amazing!! Her intense gaze, bottomless pits of blue, always found a way to breach his defences like they were glass and she was a cannon firing at the fortress walls.Video Sneak Peek: A Musical Number Featuring a ‘Less Weird’ Promise During a recent visit to the set of NBC’s cult fave comedy, I attempted to dig up some dirt on Greendale’s somewhat taboo twosome, and came up with this, courtesy of Mc Hale: “The relationship between Jeff and Annie will definitely be pumped up.” Given that the word “relationship” implies there (Screen grab c/o aperfectline.tumblr.com) " data-medium-file="https://pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/communityanniejeff3110902170614.png?He dated age-appropriate women, although it never lasted too long.He stopped seeing phantoms of Troy, Abed, Britta, Shirley in the grocery store, or in the next car over.Jeff competes to earn the group places in the over-booked "History of Ice Cream" class, while Abed struggles with the inevitable end of their time at Greendale, causing him to enter a mental "happy place" which shows bizarre alternative versions of Greendale. After Pierce locks himself inside the panic room of his mansion, he calls on the study group to find the code that will unlock the room and let him out.The group searches the dark, scary mansion for the code, uncovering all sorts of secrets and oddities along the way.Felt like the gasp of missing a step when descending a staircase in the dark of night.Jeff realizes that he's never loved people as much as he's loved these six people. I'm not expecting us to be perfect or anything but… " - or Britta walks in on Jeff and Annie making out but it turns out to be for the best.Upset at Chang's nonchalance at the reveal, Jeff kisses Alessandra in order to evoke a reaction from Chang, but still nothing.Seeing such skepticism, the institute decides to grant the money.


  1. If Annie Edison had a child before she entered Greendale and how this situation might have shaped her and Jeff's relationship. Part Four. Part 4 of Everything is Better the Second Time Around. Language. Prompts and simple one shots, all Jeff x Annie based, across all seasons but mainly post-Season 6. Prompts.

  2. Jul 1, 2014. "Community" is officially returning for a sixth season, and there's really just one thing to say. Jeff Winger's infatuation with Britta Perry was the catalyst that got the Greendale study group together in the first place. Will they finally end up together? If not, will Jeff end up with Annie? The Dean? Anyone?

  3. The fourth season of the television comedy series Community premiered on February 7, 2013 and concluded on May 9, 2013. The season consists of 13 episodes and aired on NBC on Thursdays at pm ET as part of the network's "Comedy Night Done Right" programming block. The season marked the departure of.

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