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Jvolve supports 20 of 22 updates to three open-source programs---Jetty web server, Java Email Server, and Cross FTP server---based on actual releases occurring over a one to two year period.This support is substantially more flexible than prior systems. It relies on bytecode verification to statically type-check updated classes.

Join points as defined by AOP establish locations for code modification in a program. Gross, "Dynamic Updating of Software Systems Based on Aspects," 2006 22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance(ICSM), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2006, pp.

DSU safe points further restrict the methods that may be on each thread's stack, depending on the update.

Restricted methods include updated methods for code consistency and safety, and user-specified methods for semantic safety.

This dissertation presents the design and implementation of Jvolve, a DSU system for Java.

Jvolve's combination of flexibility, safety, and efficiency is a significant advance over prior approaches.


  1. Dynamic Updating of Software Systems Based on Aspects Susanne Cech Previtali and Thomas R. Gross. A similar approach for Java based on wrapper classes

  2. A technique for dynamic updating of Java software. while maintaining the security and type safety of Java. The feasibility of the approach validates.

  3. This paper presents μ-DSU a linguistic approach to dynamic software updating. A. Orso, A. Rao, M. J. HarroldA technique for dynamic updating of java software.

  4. Dynamic software updating. and efficient dynamic updating functionality. Our approach is. safest, and best-performing dynamic updating system for Java and.

  5. Dynamic Software Updates for Accelerating Scienti c Discovery. exible and e cient dynamic software updating system for. our dynamic updating approach leverages the

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