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[edit] Doing a search, I found threads that all say keep using the search button, so I guess if I keep going farther back I'll find an answer.There was a thread that addressed the problem but it seems to only work for the i Pod photo. If you don't have the "Display Album Art on Your i Pod" checked when you first copy your music over (using manual update) then it doesn't copy the album art information.

Easy solution: 1) Select the music on your compy in i Tunes (that does have the album art).If you buy music from i Tunes, then it comes complete with album art (along with accurate track listing information).However, if you import albums from CDs then it doesn’t always come with album art.It doesn't look like it discriminates between mp3s I've had on the computer or cds that I've ripped, it shows on some and doesn't show on some.Things I've yet to do: Go back home and sync i Pod with my own Windows computer, rollback to 1.0 firmware.It is the basic information needed to find artwork.If it is missing, i Tunes will not be able to find artwork.Checked the preferences tab and yes, the "Display Album Art" and even "Manually update i Pod" is checked.The album art seems to be in i Tunes, but some just aren't showing up in the i Pod.Apple’s i Tunes remains one of the main ways we access music on our Mac.It’s great for playing all this music tracks we’ve collected over the years.


  1. OK. years into and I am still having funky issues with artwork or album cover using the native Music Player. I don't mind the. Along comes my first iPod and eventually iTunes. The mess. The album art would for some reason not transfer correctly when syncing the phone with the computer.

  2. Mar 31, 2015. The iOS 8 Music app on the iPhone heavily emphasizes album art, displaying the cover artwork for each song as it plays and showing a layout of all your albums when you tilt the. Check "Do not ask me again" to speed further art requests and press "Get Album Artwork" to send the song's info to Apple.

  3. If you use iTunes to manage multiple albums and transfer them between your iPhone, iPod or iPad and your computer, some of the album art might be missing or incorrect. Fortunately. Arrange the iTunes and Explorer windows so that they are beside one another on your computer monitor and not overlapping. Use your.

  4. Jan 25, 2006. It seems that a few of my album art has started to not show up for some reason. This could be because I connected my Windows iPod to my girlfriend's.

  5. Apr 16, 2015. RSS Feed In the screenshot below, The image under "Podcasts" is incorrect, showing the album art from my old show "RingRiffs" In the section "Podcast Episodes". the album art for the two "Mike vs. the World" shows are correct.

  6. Jul 3, 2015. This video is to try and help those who have encountered problems adding their own music collections to Apple Music. This method will prevent Apple's softwar.

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