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Well according to the survey, 33 per cent of couples have their first serious conversation about a long-term future within the first year of their relationship, with engagements typically happening after two years.

As for tying the knot, you might want to start saving for that wedding, as most people tend to host their big day a year after their proposal, followed swiftly with the average couple now expecting their first child after four years together.

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The bottom line is that only you and your significant other decide how long you date before you know that you want to be married to each other.

How long do you think it should go on before marriage?

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Even well into your thirties—when people are more self-aware than they were in their twenties and know what they want—and into your forties—when having kids starts to feel a bit more urgent—you can still afford to wait six months.

They were married for four years, which is 48 times longer than they knew each other before committing (and longer than many other couples who dated for "normal" amounts of time before getting engaged). Well, recently a friend of mine had that exact sort of giddy smile you get about one month into a new relationship. " in my head, while the other half screamed practical things, like "Pump the breaks!

When I asked her what was new with the new guy, she said she's looking at rings. " and "Let's wait a little longer." But as I searched for the words to give her unsolicited advice, I realized I didn't have many definitive answers to give her.

Does it really matter at all how long you date before you get married? Some people have proposed after two weeks of dating and are still going strong forty years later. How long should people date before considering marriage?

How long should two people continue Dating Before Marriage is a question with several answers?


  1. So if you both agree that you've found your other half, how long before you're talking rings, wedding patterns and baby names? While a survey determined the average age you'll be when you finally expect to meet 'The One', now you can judge your relationship along a timeline although it may cause unneccesary.

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