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However, rudiments of what remind the viewer of television images appear occasionally, and the speed with which animation and colour sequences change recalls quick channel surfing.

100% Gray Coverage visually combines a familiar aesthetic of the modern age – television and the disruption or flicker of distorted signals or channels changed at high speeds – and contemporary computer generated animation.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Digital Analogy /// Analogía Digital Pioneers of New media /// Pioneros del New media Exhibition and media encounter M. C Bogotá From 8th to the 28 of February 2014 Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá Curated by: John Angel Rodriguez Contributors: Gustavo Ortiz// MAC Director Andres Burbano//Coordinator Academic Forum Universidad de Los Andes and Planetario de Bogotá Ximena Diaz // Creative Workshop leader Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano Bogotá Carmen Herrera and Anne Bechstedt //Coordinador Programación Cultural – Goethe-Institut Kolumbien Jose Ignacio Roca and Pamela Desjardins// FLORA ars natura Rory Blain // Sedition Vicente Matallana// La Agencia Set up: Sebastian Caceres, Carlos Rojas y Cristian Tovar P.

R : Carlos Alberto Ramirez Digital Analogy is an exhibition that addresses the computer code from an artistic approach.

The performance on translation (2008/09) visualizes the multilayered processes of translation as a field of action oscillating between word-by-word translation and the freedom of interpretation, between mere transcription and contextual expansion.

Approximately four decades ago we had the ideas and philosophical frameworks to develop the complex platforms that we have integrated within the diverse range of social networks, but it was thanks to the contributions of these artists to the art community, that their concepts and explorations became the constituent bases of what nowadays is understood as New Media Art.

The artists who are taking part in this exhibition have pioneered a number of processes and innovations that we regularly use to communicate, research and share our concerns.

Their ideas also have influenced the creation of the interactive interfaces that nowadays are crucial components for our performance.

The path is a long one that finally leads a translation of a text to its new destination.

There it becomes obvious that every linguistic entity and every specific category undergoes a change in meaning regarding the interpretation within the new context and the renewed reception.


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