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Get a feel for both in your hands and just pick one. I’ll give you my input, then do what you want–it’s what you’ll end up doing anyway.I can relate to my medical husband when people come to him with an ailment, ask him what to do, he gives sound advice, but then they do what they want anyway which is against his advice.Because it’s so zoomed in, I couldn’t see the “big picture.” As well, and especially noticed it while traveling.For quite a while, I used the Tamron 28-75 lens, which I call my “all purpose” lens. The 35mm isn’t as versatile as the 28-75 but it’s clearer.Out of all of the professional photographers I know, I’ve found they either shoot Canon or Nikon. If the lenses can change, you can shoot in full manual no matter your model, so rest easy if you have one of those brands. I can’t put a Nikon lens on my Canon camera, so if you find you are lens shopping with an Olympus or Sony, there will be more limitations.There are generic brands such as Tamron, but you have to buy Tamron for Nikon or Tamron for Canon.It zooms in and out, and was what I often brought when traveling. I’ve got a lens comparison with examples in my Get Focused Intermediate book, but this is to just help you get started.Then we hear about megapixels and frames per second and LCD screen sizes, and so many other specs that one to be better than the other, but how do you really know???

It doesn’t zoom in and out–you are the zoom–and we just aren’t used to that.

I’m going to help you narrow down the options a little bit today. Or you’ve heard that Kristen Duke has had a Canon for 10 years, so it must be pretty FAB, go for it!

Here are a few questions that will be helpful when you are searching for the right camera for you, something that will take you beyond basic snapshots—tiptoeing into beautiful photography. Honestly, I almost switched to Nikon once because I liked the sound of the shutter–it’s different!

Let me tell you something about megapixels, in case you don’t already know…SLR will have adequate megapixel size for most needs.

Unless you are printing larger than a 16×20 (I don’t know people who do that unless they are pro’s), 12-18 megapixels is just great.


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